Coronavirus, the nurse shows the bruises of the mask: “Stay at home, don’t nullify our efforts”


“I am a nurse and right now I am facing this health emergency.”

Thus begins the story of Alessia Bonari, a young nurse from the Grosseto, Italy hospital, launching an appeal over Instagram to respect the measures imposed by the government for the containment of the coronavirus.

“I am physically tired, the lab coat makes me sweat and once dressed I can no longer go to the bathroom or drink for six hours,” says Alessia.

But the photo that accompanies her post is worth a thousand words: you see a girl with a white coat and on her face the signs of fatigue and the bruises of the glasses that should protect her while working in the COVID-19 department.

“What I ask anyone who is reading this post”, is Alessia’s appeal, “is not to nullify the effort we are making, to be selfless, to stay at home and thus protect those who are more fragile. We young people are not immune to coronavirus, we too can get sick, or worse, we can get sick,”she continues.

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