Coronavirus, the drug of hope: “Excellent results in 24 hours”


After the announcement by the Migal Institute of Israel that has made it known that it is close to a vaccine for coronavirus and the experimental therapies adopted in Italy against Covid-19 – such as those used against AIDS, drugs against malaria or the anti Ebola Remdesivir – now another possible new cure appears.

It is Tocilizumab, a drug that is usually administered with the aim of counteracting the side effects of some immunotherapy drugs. This drug, in short, gives some hope in the fight against coronavirus, after having used it on some patients affected by inflammation of the lungs and respiratory tract, are the Pascale and Cotugno hospitals of Naples, Italy.

Interviewed by FanPage, the director of Oncological Immunotherapy of the Pascale hospital in Naples, Paolo Ascierto explains: “We tried it on one ICU patient and another patient in division. Here, in just 24 hours we had excellent results so that today we are considering stubing the patient in intensive care.”

In short, so “surprisingly”, good news arrives. And there is a great need, especially in the face of the latest bulletin on the number of infections and deaths: in Italy, right now, there are 10,149 confirmed cases, 724 people who have recovered and 631 deaths.

“It helps us avoid death, allowing us to get patients out of intensive care and this is really very important for us,” adds doctor Ascierto, who underlines how the adoption of Tocilizumab has been advocated by Chinese colleagues.

Ascierto, again explains: “Tocilizumab is not a specific drug for Covid19 but neutralizes interleukin 6, the protein that is the main vector of lung inflammation produced by Coronavirus, this allows us to recover the patient’s breathing capacity in 24-48 hours.” So, in essence, the drug does not fight upstream against the coronavirus, but it is effective on its effects.

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