Coronavirus resists surfaces and objects: Dr. Burioni clarifies the doubts


Roberto Burioni (is an Italian physician and Professor of Microbiology and Virology in Milan, Italy) interviewed by Fabio Fazio, asked one of the most common and worrying questions.

Beyond the symptoms, in fact, people wonder if, by touching surfaces and objects, they can contract the virus.

The answer is yes: a study has shown, in fact, that the virus sticks to surfaces and its duration varies according to the material.

The test was carried out on four materials: copper, cardboard, plastic and steel. The result was this: on copper it lasts very little, on cardboard one day, on plastic two days and, finally, on steel three.

If the surfaces in question are dirty, then, the virus has even more grip and durability. An answer that raises some more concerns, especially considering that, when shopping, these materials are present in common supermarkets: milk and plastic food packaging are an example.

In this sense, Burioni advises not only to clean them with normal sanitizers, but to wash your hands immediately after touching them (also with normal soap, being the virus labile) to avoid the risk of contagion.

H/:T: Il Fatto Nisseno

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