Coronavirus patients are SPITTING at doctors and nurses


Just in case you missed this. The world is totally crazy.

Coronavirus patients are trying to spread the disease by deliberately spitting at health care workers, it has been claimed.

A South African teacher trapped in Wuhan in January, the Chinese city at the centre of the outbreak, said the infected were also spitting on elevator buttons.

She is too ‘afraid to go outside’ in case she is struck with the deadly disease, as figures show cases have tripled in just three days.

Coronavirus can be spread from person to person via a sneeze or cough, and this strain has been regarded as highly contagious. 

A more recent situation happened this March:

Naples, Italy March 11th – A man waiting for a coronavirus swab in a Naples hospital on Tuesday night lost patience, had a fit, ripped off his mask and spat at a doctor and nurse, sources said Wednesday.

The man had presented at the Cotugno Hospital with symptoms of fever. The doctor and nurse were placed into quarantine and the emergency room was evacuated and sanitized.

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