Coronavirus: New Video Shows People Fighting Over Food


Many people, under orders to work from home as a safety precaution, piled into stores where there was more than a little panic-buying and hoarding, a few fights over parking spaces and food.

One woman said she left a store in tears after watching people battle over frozen food.

Some bought stuff they thought they might need and some — triggered by the sight of empty shelves and dairy cases — admitted buying stuff they might not need at all. The new pandemic-driven shopping calculus meant skipping fresh produce and instead grabbing canned goods, items from the freezer case and other nonperishable items.

Toilet paper vanished from local grocery stores and appeared to be in short supply online, too.

“I just got the last bag of flour at Safeway,” Tara Mullin, 29, a data analyst for a nonprofit organization, said as she left the store in the District.

Watch this video showing what’s happening around the world:

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Posted by Le Iene on Monday, March 23, 2020

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