Coronavirus, In Italy Only 12 People died (out of 3405) Without Previous Pathologies


“Only” 12 people died in Italy after they were affected by the coronavirus who did not have previous pathologies that explain its.

This is what the Italian Higher Institute of Health clarified, in the report on the characteristics of the deaths of patients suffering from Covid-19.

This figure – the agency always specifies – was obtained on 355 files, compared to the total of 2,003 received: 17.7 percent of the overall sample.

The average number of pathologies observed in this population is 2.7.

Overall, 12 patients, accounting for 3.4 percent of the sample, had no pathology. There are 84 victims (23.7 percent) who had only one disease; 90 had two pathologies (25.4 percent); and 169 (47.6 percent) were affected by three or more diseases.

What do you think of these datas from Italy?

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