Coronavirus, accusation of malicious murder for those who have the symptoms and go out


Anyone who has fever and other symptoms associated with Covid-19 and does not quarantine… he/she risks a trial for injuries or attempted voluntary injuries.

This is happening in Italy right now.

If he were to infect elderly people or in any case subjects at risk causing their death, the charge could be transformed into malicious murder under penalty of imprisonment of not less than 21 years.

In fact, in this way you accept the risk of infecting other people, causing injury or, in the most serious cases, death. The conduct is punished by way of willful misconduct.

Those who have had contacts with Coronavirus positive people and continue to have social relationships or to work with other people without taking precautions or advising them are the same punishment.

Failure to warn friends and acquaintances with whom you have had contact in the last few days, causing the real risk that they will infect other people, could cost the same charge as willful misconduct, or at least of conscious guilt. It is good to remember that the crime of injuries of more than forty days of illness can be prosecuted ex officio and is punished with imprisonment for three to seven years.

This article found in an Italian web magazine was translated by Google. Pardon the mistakes.

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