Coronavirus: 70 Military Vehicles Carry the Dead Bodies Out of the City


A war image: in the center of Bergamo, Italy.

A long column of military vehicles stops in via Borgo Palazzo – a few hundred meters from the cemetery.

These are the army vans used to transport the coffins from the Bergamo cemetery to the crematoria of other regions.

The reason, as is now known, is that the mortuary in Bergamo has not been able to accommodate the coffin of coronavirus victims for days. And the same goes for the crematorium (there is only one in town, it is active 24 hours a day).

Ever since Covid-19 began to mow down the Italian Wuhan – Bergamo remains the most affected province in the country so far – cemetery services and funeral agencies have gone haywire.

To relieve the cemetery’s mortuary – with no more space available – it had been necessary in recent days to line up the coffins of the deceased in the church of All Saints, inside the cemetery.

Since yesterday, the solution identified to deal with the emergency has been the use of army vehicles. Coronavirus victims are transported to other regions: starting from Emilia Romagna. The first shipments of the coffins were in Modena.

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