Cops SHUT DOWN Muslim Restaurant After Discovering What They Fed to ‘INFIDELS’


This will definitely make you think twice about eating at a restaurant owned and operated by Muslim immigrants.

Standards in other parts of the world just aren’t the same as in America, and sometimes those poorer standards are imported with our immigrants.

And that was CERTAINLY the case with Yeahya Flavour of Asia and its takeaway chef, Mahbub Chowdhury.

Authorities discovered that the kitchen at this restaurant was covered in FECAL MATTER!

And you want to know why? (You probably don’t, but will likely read on anyway)

It’s because Chowdhury, a devout Muslim, had a religious and cultural aversion to using toilet paper.

So he would wipe with his BARE HANDS. And then go back to preparing food for his customers.

Oh, and he also filled glass bottles used in the kitchen with sink water to clean his back side.

And then used them again in the kitchen.

I wish I was making this up. But that’s the SICK reality.

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Source: Daily Mail

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