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Cops Make Major Bust, Warn Parents After Discovering New Drugs that Look Like Candy


Being a parent comes with a ton of responsibility. Parents are tasked with a difficult challenge to protect their kids and watch out for potential dangers.

As children get older, many parents discuss the dangers of drugs with their kids. Now, a scary new development has potentially targeted young children and many parents need to know how to protect their little ones.

Police officers recently made a major drug bust and found some shocking new drugs. Shaped like candy and molded like cartoon characters that kids love, the new drugs pose a serious risk to young ones!

“Officials also cautioned residents, particularly adolescents, the pills and cannabis pops are designed to resemble candy, taking on the form of various cartoon characters such as Homer Simpson, Hello Kitty and the minions from the movie ‘Despicable Me,'” reported Fox.

Officers are also doing their best to educate teachers and coaches to be on the lookout for the drugs. If an adult was uninformed, they could simply think their child is eating candy. Take a good look at the drugs in these images and remember them!

Please help us, and law enforcement officials, by spreading the word! It is up to us, as parents, to protect our children at all costs!

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