Cops Catch Muslim Immigrant Lighting Fires, What He Does Next Proves TRUMP WAS RIGHT


President Trump has taken a lot of criticism for pointing out the devastation that unchecked Muslim immigration has wrought on Europe.

Sweden, in particular, has been hit hard. And the following viral video demonstrates just how bad the situation has become.

In the video, three female police officers attempt to arrest a man connected to a string of arson attacks.

The man, a Muslim immigrant, isn’t coming quietly, and manages to overpower the officers, who, because of their government’s liberal policies, are too afraid to use their weapons.

That political correctness and fear results in at least one officer being injured, their police vehicle getting trashed and the suspect fleeing the scene.

Folks, this is exactly the kind of anarchy that will overtake America if President Trump’s immigration policies are not enforced.

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The mainstream media is trying to downplay or even ignore these incidents in Europe because they don’t want to admit TRUMP WAS RIGHT.

But for the sake of America’s future, we need to spread these videos everywhere so people will know the dangers we face, the dangers Trump is trying to protect us from.

H/T Milo Yiannopoulos

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