Convicted Murderer Decides to Identify as a Woman. What Happens Next is Disturbing


The “gender identity” issue was already a load of insanity. Now, it’s proving to be a very real threat to the personal safety of normal folks.

We’ve got biological men going into women’s restrooms, athletes who were born as boys competing against girls (even in contact sports), and now, prison inmates being moved to female wards because they decided to swap genders.

Dennis Michael Lynch reports:

He was born Jean Paul.  But then Jean decided he would rather be a woman.  So Jean is now Fallon Aubee.  Fallon is a murderer, and she is serving her sentence in a male only prison.  But that is soon to change.

After a long legal battle, Fallon has been granted permission to serve the rest of her sentence for first-degree murder at a women’s prison. Thus, Aubee will become one of the first federal prisoners in Canada to get moved to a facility to which she identifies with.

Violent confrontations are not uncommon in prison. What happens when Jean Paul–oops, I mean Fallon Aubee–gets upset and attacks an actual woman? Will the authorities turn a blind eye and chalk it up to woman-on-woman violence?

This is really getting out of hand.

And before you brush this off as something only “liberal” Canada would do, consider that our own Department of Justice is making efforts to assist “transgender” inmates.

Most worryingly, the State of Michigan recently decided that taxpayers must now cover the cost of hormone treatments and sex change surgeries for inmates that decide to swap their genders.

I don’t know about you, but that is NOT what I want my taxes paying for.

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