Conservative Mother Sparks Liberal Outrage by Posting Shocking Photo Online


Liberals are all about women getting out there and speaking their minds these days. Unless, of course, that woman in question is a no-holds-barred conservative.

One such woman is Holly Fisher, mother and wife of a US Army veteran.

Like many Americans, Fisher maintains an active Twitter account that didn’t get a whole lot of attention until she posted a series of photos that liberals found simply outrageous.

She first grabbed attention with a shot of herself holding a shotgun, captioned with, “Who wants to be on my zombie apocalypse team?”

Shortly after, Fisher played on the controversy surrounding Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil-A and other conservative-owned businesses by posting the following photo:

Enjoying a Chick-fil-A drink in front of a Hobby Lobby, and, to top it all off, wearing a Pro-Life shirt!

The photo went viral, sparking liberal outrage.

But it was nothing compared to how liberal heads would explode over Fisher’s next pic:

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American flag? Check. Bible? Check. Assault rifle? Check!

The true outrage is that liberals then used that photo to try to compare Fisher to female Muslim jihadists.

Fisher responded:

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“I’m not a terrorist, but my husband has killed a few.”

Ironically, its these very types of jihadists that liberals are trying to let into America by opposing Trump’s immigration policies.

H/T Rank Politics

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