Connecticut Girls Lose Support From Biden Administration In Transgender Athlete Case


The Biden administration has withdrawn from a Connecticut lawsuit that aims to ban transgender athletes from competing in girls’ high school sports.

A group of three female runners sued state and local education officials after losing state titles to transgender athletes in 2018. Backers of the lawsuit contend that athletes who were born male have a natural and unfair advantage over competitors who were born female.

Supporters of the transgender athletes in the case argue that once hormone therapies take effect, the male genetic advantage fades away – although those effects aren’t immediate, and many teens don’t begin taking such drugs until after puberty.

“The gender identity doesn’t matter, it’s the testosterone levels,” Joanna Harper, a medical physicist who is also a transgender runner herself, told the Associated Press in 2019. “Trans girls should have the right to compete in sports. But cisgender girls should have the right to compete and succeed, too. How do… (Read more)

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