Congressman: Pelosi No Longer ‘Benevolent Dictator,’ Now She Is A ‘Tyrant’


Republican Rep. Barry Moore (AL) slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on her unconditional surrender to the Chinese coronavirus by forcing congressional members and staff to wear special “well-fitted” super masks and ordered the U. S. Capitol Police to arrest those who do not comply.

Moore posted a video on Instagram, writing, “It’s NOT Pelosi’s House – it’s the PEOPLE’S House.” In the video, he mentioned that members of Congress received a letter this morning from the U. S. Capitol Police, which he made sure to emphasize was leaked.

He mentioned that the memo indicated that Capitol Police “will arrest [congressional] staffers or detain [congressional] staffer or force [congressional] staffers to put on masks.”

He said that “Pelosi is no longer a benevolent dictator. She’s a tyrant. The power has gone to her head.

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