Congressman Exposes How Pelosi Just Fleeced Us Out Of Another $4.8 BILLION with ‘Christmas-Tree Ornaments’ [Opinion] [Flashback]


8 billion going to ‘fight Cornoavirus?’  I thought that $2.5 Billion was too much, and I am sure we all wondered how the number went from 2.5 to 8.3 billion dollars.

Well, Republican Congressman from Colorado, Ken Buck appeared on Fox News’ ‘the Ingraham Angle’ and he blamed Speaker Pelosi, the most dangerous woman in DC, for the absurd spending bill.

“The president asked for $2.5 billion. I would have supported that,” Buck told The Ingraham Angle.

Of course, that is not the bill the Congress voted on … according to Politico, the final bill’s price tag is $8,300,000,000 and Buck lays the blame for this on the door step of Nancy Pelosi.

“The speaker decided to add all sorts of Christmas-tree ornaments to this bill. It was unnecessary. It was too much money,” Buck explained to guest host Tammy Bruce.

Buck and fellow Republican Andy Biggs of Arizona were the only two Representatives in the House to vote against the irresponsible spending bill.  So much for fiscally responsible Republicans.

In the Senate, Rand Paul was a vocal critic of the bill:

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