Congressional Report Supports Trump’s Call For a Border Wall


There are a lot of reasons to build a border wall, and illegal immigration is just one.

A new report on global terrorism implicitly supports President-elect Donald Trump’s call for a border wall.

The report takes a close look at Hezbollah. The Lebanese terror group is a proxy of the Iranian government. And it is by far the richest terror group in the world.

Prepared by the US House Task Force to Investigate Terror Financing, the report calls Hezbollah’s operations “the most sophisticated money laundering scheme[s] that we have ever witnessed. They have metastasized into a hydra with international connections that … ISIS and groups like al Qaeda could only hope to have.”

And what is Hezbollah’s primary source of income? Why, it’s drug trafficking in the Americas.

Since 2010, Hezbollah has been one of the largest drug traffickers in Central and South America. Much of that operation is taking place just beyond America’s southern border.

Clear and Present Danger

Besides being an Iranian proxy, Hezbollah is aligned with many of America’s most violent enemies. Including Mexican drug cartels. It was discovered that the cartels and other Latin American transnational criminal organizations were paying Hezbollah to move people, drugs and weapons.

The group has directly attacked American assets before. It was Hezbollah that in 1983 bombed a barracks in Beirut, killing 241 American and 58 French peacekeepers.

Experts believe it is only a matter of time before Hezbollah starts trying to infiltrate the United States and carrying out attacks on our soil.

And with the group already so active south of our border, it is perfectly clear which route the terrorists will take.

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Whether Hezbollah tries to send its own men across the border, or finances and equips other groups to do their dirty work, we need a border wall to keep them out.

H/T The Clarion Project

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