Congress Slaps Down Latest Democratic Effort to IMPEACH Trump


No one can blame them for not trying.

Democrats on Friday attempted, once again, to impeach President Trump, but were instead slapped down by a MASSIVE majority in Congress.

The effort was led, again, by Rep. Al Green (D-Texas), who forced a procedural vote on articles of impeachment based on Trump’s alleged labeling of Africa and Haiti as “s***hole countries.

It seems very few in the House of Representatives were impressed by Green’s action, as impeachment was rejected by a vote of 355-66.

Three fellow Democrats simply voted “present.”

Green’s previous attempt was just last month, when even more Democrats voted AGAINST impeachment than did on Friday.

Some worry that it seems Democrats are slowly moving toward supporting impeachment, but the reality is they still don’t have the numbers even if all vote in favor.

There is also a bit of misconception regarding what impeachment would mean.

Bill Clinton was impeached, but continued on as president for many more years. So, too, would Trump if such a motion were ever to pass.

Source: The Hill

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