Congress Reveals GRIZZLY Planned Parenthood Invoices… This is Just SICK


Congress last week published a damning report against Planned Parenthood, and the media completely ignored it.

Within the 500-page report were invoices for the sale of baby body parts, including the skin of a Down syndrome child.

It should be remembered that Planned Parenthood is funded by your tax dollars.

It should also be remembered that it is illegal to profit from the bodies of aborted children.

But Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about the law. Not when such a lucrative business is at stake.

The details revealed in the report could easily have come from the Nazi death camps.

For instance, one of Planned Parenthood’s biggest customers is Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR). The congressional report notes that ABR would regularly purchase aborted babies for $60 each. It would then turn around and sell the individual bodies parts for upwards of $2,000.

Here is one grizzly passage from the report:

“…one day in June 2014, the ABR technician obtained a 20-week-old fetus at a [Planned Parenthood] clinic. From that one fetus, ABR sold its brain to one customer for $325; both of its eyes for $325 each ($650 total) to a second customer, a portion of its liver for $325 to a third customer; its thymus and for $325 and another portion of liver to a fourth customer; and its lung for $325 to a fifth customer.”

Another passage detailed the sale of a complete skin from a 21-week-old Down Syndrome baby. The cost? A very affordable $325.

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Evil Industry

In our America today, there is an entire industry that not only terminates unborn babies. It then processes their bodies parts. There are people in our country who actually skin babies for a living.

And that industry is funded by our government.

H/T Townhall

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