Congress Calls Disgraced DOJ Official to Testify — His Response Will Make You Furious!


Every story similar to the one below never fails to get my blood boiling. It outrages me to the core because the actions reported are so arrogant, hypocritical and dangerously lawless that I am continually amazed the perpetrator is not run down on the street and subjected to vigilante justice.

Once again, an Obama official is REFUSING to appear before Congress. This is the type of behavior usually only exhibited by monarchs when dealing with 17th Century English Parliaments.

Gateway Pundit reports that the modern incarnation of this behavior occurred on December 18, when FBI official Bruce Ohr never showed up for his appearance before a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing.

Ohr, like FBI Peter Strzok before him, was dismissed in the first week of December from Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller’s team of witch hunters after it was revealed that he had met at least once with the author of the discredited ‘Russian Dossier’, Christopher Steele in 2016, reported Fox News.  Then, on December 13, it was learned that Ohr’s wife, Nellie, was hired by the promoter of the Dossier, Fusion GPS, to conduct research on President Trump.

Fox News Business spoke with Judicial Watch’s CEO Tom Fitton called the news “par for the course from the Justice Department and FBI” in relation to any Congressional investigation.

Fitton is of course referring to Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s refusal to show up before Congress on the same day that Nellie Ohr was outed as a political operative.

As Zero Hedge noted, a reporter from Fox News tweeted, “FBI DepDir McCabe not coming to Hse Intel Cmte tomorrow because he’d be asked about Bruce Ohr & Ohr’s wife Nellie who worked for Fusion GPS…something far more sinister.

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Even Fitton, who is no fool and has been in-the-know regarding corrupt officials, expressed amazement at Ohr’s intransigent behavior.

To have this key official not show up is just incredible,” Fitton said exasperatedly.


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