Compare What Barbara Bush Said in 1994 to Michelle Obama’s Attitude – Two TOTALLY Different First Ladies


We are privileged to have a pretty great First Lady in Melania Trump.

And Laura Bush nine years ago and prior was pretty fantastic, as well.

But – man, oh man – those eight years of Michelle Obama were really disgraceful for all Americans.

With the passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush on Tuesday, we are reminded of the kind of attitude it takes to be an effective and beloved first lady, and just how spectacularly Michelle Obama missed that boat.

Make no mistake, Barbara Bush was straightforward and tough. And Americans loved that about her.

But, she was also respectful, courteous and, above all, fiercely patriotic. And Americans loved all that, too.

More than anything, Barbara Bush did NOT take for granted her role as First Lady, nor the honor of being put in that position by the American people.

In a 1994 memoir describing her time in the White House, Barbara Bush quite rightly wrote: “I had the best job in America. Every single day was interesting, rewarding, and sometimes just plain fun.”

Now, compare that to the constant whining and bitching of Michelle Obama. They weren’t even in the same ballpark.

Barbara Bush, you will be missed. Thanks for setting an example for future first ladies to aspire to.

Via AP

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