Commentary Bombshell Report: Capitol Cops Knew About Jan. 6 Weeks Ahead of Time, Could Have Stopped It but Didn’t


A bipartisan Senate report released Tuesday revealed shocking details about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

The report, “Examining the U.S. Capitol Attack,” detailed a laundry list of the failures of the U.S. Capitol Police. Chief among them is that the police force knew about individuals coming to Washington en masse with a clear intention to “disrupt the Joint Session of Congress” but did nothing to prepare.

“On December 22, the Intelligence and Interagency Coordination Division, received significant information about the rising likelihood of violence, including an email with the subject line: ‘Threats to bring guns into DC,’” the report said.

“The latter email, written to the Assistant Director of IICD, summarized a video of Sam Andrews, a former leader of the Missouri branch of Oath Keepers, and a report on the website the Hagmann Report that described Mr. Andrews as encouraging ‘armed conflict during the protest’ on January 6, 2021,” it continued.

Even though the IICD was aware of the planned incursion and warned the Capitol Police, the department did nothing to prepare for it.

“Internal records and USCP officials’ testimony confirm that USCP began gathering information about events planned for January 6, 2021 as soon as demonstrations to protest the Electoral College vote certification were announced in mid-December 2020,” the report said.

The report damningly concluded that even though it was aware of the pending riot, the Capitol Police “did not prepare a department-wide operational plan for January 6.”

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