Comey Testimony Backfires on Dems: Implicates Obama, Lynch & Clinton In Vast Criminal Conspiracy


Former F.B.I. Director James Comey testified for three hours before the Senate Intelligence Committee today in what was supposed to be the Democrats’ big moment. Comey was expected blow the lid off the Russian-Trump collusion investigation and charge President Trump with obstructing justice to boot.


Instead Comey’s testimony blew up in the faces of hopeful Democrats when, under questioning by Committee Chairmen Richard Burr whether the Obama administration’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s secret meeting (even the Secret Service agents assigned to each were told to leave) with Bill Clinton had any affect on his handling of Hillary’s email probe he answered that it forced him to act in a manner necessary to protect the credibility of the investigation, the Department of Justice, and the F.B.I.

He also charged Lynch with ordering him to call the email investigation an “email matter” instead so as to provide Clinton with some wiggle room on the campaign trail.

Comey was concerned because he became convinced that it was tainting the public’s perception of the independence of the investigation and, with it, the Justice Department. He decided to make the bureau’s findings about Clinton public.

But wait, it gets worse for the Democrats who colluded to protect Madame Hillary and had been counting on Comey to save their sorry asses.

Comey also admitted to leaking, through an intermediary, to the New York Times. This last fact may endear him to partisan Democrats but any objective observer knows that leaking information to the press that may be pertinent to a criminal or counter-intelligence investigation is verboten.

The Comey interrogation was such a resounding defeat for the Democrats’ that it is reminiscent of this early Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) knockout of Sonny Liston.

The Democrats – including Obama, Lynch, and Clinton – may very well face prosecution for their poisonous attack on the president of the United States and their lawless actions while they had power.

For all of the pain they caused the new president, and for all of the pain they caused the American people who have had to endure the delay Trump’s agenda to revive the economy and his efforts to make America safer, the likelihood increases that Trump’s promise to “Drain the Swamp” becomes more than just a campaign chant.

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