Colorado Man Kills Lion With Bare Hands. Here’s How…


It’s the kind of nightmare situation many of us imagine, but never think we’ll ever actually face in reality.

What would you do if you were attacked by a powerful wild animal like a bear or lion?

Well, one Colorado man did what we all might hope we’d do–he fought back and killed an 80-pound mountain lion.

The man in question was out for a run in the mountains near his home in northern Colorado.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife department has the rest:

“The victim of the attack described hearing something behind him on the trail and was attacked by a mountain lion as he turned around to investigate. The lion lunged at the runner, biting his face and wrist. He was able to fight and break free from the lion, killing the lion in self-defense. The runner sustained serious, but non-life threatening injuries as a result of the attack.”

The man managed to get his hands around the mountain lion’s throat and choke the animal to death.

While the mountain lion was described as being an adolescent by the rangers who collected its remains, that in no way diminishes this guy’s incredible bravery.

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