Colleges Revoke Honorary Degrees Awarded To President Trump And Rudy Giuliani


Following the chaos of last week’s Capitol Hill riot, some colleges are revoking honorary degrees awarded to both Rudy Giuliani and President Donald Trump, Forbes reports.

The board of trustees at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, reportedly voted Friday to rescind the degree it awarded Trump in 1988. Soon after, the board of trustees for Wagner University in Staten Island, New York, voted to rescind their honorary degree to Trump from 2004.

Now, more colleges are facing pressure to fall in line and rescind any honorary degrees held by President Trump. University of Pennsylvania alumni reportedly urged the school to revoke a 1968 degree earned by Trump.

President Trump wasn’t the only one. On Tuesday, Middlebury College revoked an honorary degree awarded in 2005 to Rudy Giuliani because of his alleged role in inciting the Capitol Hill riot

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