College Snowflakes Spot Terrifying Object in Tree and Start Crying Like Little Girls


What in the HELL is going on with our university students in America? If this is the next generation of leaders and innovators, then we are in BIG trouble.

A student retreat at the University of Mississippi was abruptly cancelled and campus-wide moaning sessions were instead held after students spotted a banana peel in a tree.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. Some students saw a banana peel in a tree and became so distraught that the University of Mississippi effectively shut down for the rest of the day.

From National Review:

One of these “hurt, frightened” students was Makala McNeil, president of the historically black Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. According to the Daily Mississippian, McNeil said she saw the peel and felt like it “was a slap in the face,” adding that it had made her think about a recent incident at American University. In May, bananas hanging from nooses were discovered on trees on the morning that a student from Alpha Kappa Alpha was set to become the school’s first female black president.

That AU incident, of course, was incredibly racist, awful, and disturbing. It was an intentional, bigoted act, and certainly worthy of a campus conversation. This banana, however, was not hanging from a noose. It wasn’t even hanging from a branch, it was sort of just stuck to a stump on the trunk. Still, McNeil said that the way in which some of her fellow students had discussed the peel was upsetting enough in itself.

“I just don’t feel as though it was being facilitated in a constructive way,” McNeil told the DM. “At that point, we didn’t feel welcome; we didn’t feel safe,” McNeil continued. “If we didn’t feel wanted or safe at the camp, our best option was to leave.”

There are no reports of what exactly was said during the banana-peel-gate discussions that made some students so upset, but the school’s administration is reportedly working on a plan to help the students who are still coping.

What’s even more shocking is that a student actually came forward and said he couldn’t find a trash can so had just tossed his banana peel. It wasn’t a racist attack, it was an act of littering.

But that didn’t matter. These college snowflakes had already been triggered. And, as anyone who’s had kids knows, once a child starts crying about something, it can be difficult to get them to calm down.

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I wish this entire story was a work of satire. But, tragically, it’s not.

This is literally where our next generation is at today. These are the future leaders who will have to handle the challenges of tomorrow. If they act like this when coming up against the likes of ISIS, North Korea, Russia and Hurricane Harvey, then America is doomed.

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