Colin Kaepernick Started in the Super Bowl. Humiliation is an Understatement For What He’s Now Doing


Anti-America former NFL “star” (and we use that term loosely here) Colin Kaepernick has hit rock bottom. His humiliation after dissing our flag is now complete.

The liberal sports media was convinced the Baltimore Ravens would sign Kaepernick to fill their vacant starting quarterback position, thereby rehabilitating his career and enabling him to again publicly trash our flag and all it stands for.

After all, much of the Ravens’ coaching staff had been supporters of Kaepernick, even during his anti-America tantrums.

If Kaepernick was going to be able to play professional football again and rehabilitate his career, Baltimore was the place.

Last week, Baltimore signed a new quarterback, and it wasn’t Colin Kaepernick.

The really humiliating part is that Kaepernick was passed over not for another former Super Bowl-starting NFL quarterback, but for David Olson, who until now has been playing in the arena league.

And Kaepernick’s antics played a BIG part in him not getting the job.

As Breitbart reported, Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh really did want to sign Kaepernick, but was forced to ask some touch questions: “What’s his passion? What’s his priority?”

Given his past behavior, we can pretty confidently say that Kaepernick’s main passion is subverting American patriotism.

And that doesn’t play well in the NFL.

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It shouldn’t play well on Capitol Hill, either. But here you have Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, defending Kaepernick’s disdain for the American flag.

“I think it’s unfair,” Richmond told TMZ of Kaepernick still being unsigned. “I think that he has a lot of talent. He was the starting quarterback in the Super Bowl and he’s a great athlete. And the fact that he spoke up means he’s a great person and he spoke his conscience. I don’t think we should penalize people in this country for doing that.”

How in the world is this clown representing one of the 50 great states in our union? Does he also take a knee when his fellow congressmen are pledging allegiance to the flag?

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