Colin Kaepernick Just Got a QB Job Offer, But It’s Not the One He Wanted


You know what they say. Karma’s a… Well, I’ll let you finish that one.

And no one knows this truth better than Colin Kaepernick, who was rewarded for his despicable anti-America antics by being dropped by the San Francisco 49ers and shunned by football fans everywhere.

Sure, Kaepernick has been hailed as a hero by the ultra-liberal, America-hating mainstream media, but he’s been unable to actually land another quarterbacking job.

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Until now.

Yes, Kaepernick has been offered a spot on a football team. But not in the NFL.

Via Independent Journal Review:

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The Richmond Roughriders, an indoor football team in the American Arena League, offered Kaepernick a spot on their roster after rapper Jim Jones purchased a large stake in the team.

Jones offered Kaepernick the chance to come “dominate” the Arena League and keep himself in shape for a hopeful return to the NFL.

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From Super Bowl starter to Arena League mascot.

While some might try to paint this as a positive development, those who know football know that accepting the position would be the final humiliation before Kaepernick faded into obscurity.

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