Colin Kaepernick BEGS for a job, but gets a DEVASTATING RESPONSE


It’s a little hard to feel bad for former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick after the disrespect he showed our country.

So, it’s with a grin on our face that we read that his BEGGING other NFL teams to give him a spot in their lineups has been met by utter REJECTION.

Kaepernick insists the NFL is “racist” for not immediately giving him another chance.

But the NFL is a business. And Colin was bad for business.

And not only for disrespecting the flag. He wasn’t that great a player to begin with.

ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap told Breitbart:

“You cannot deny that he has been, to some degree, a distraction, whatever that means. There’s one thing that NFL owners, NFL general managers don’t want in a backup quarterback, we’ve heard this before, and it’s a distraction. And I think there’s a false equivalency sometimes made, ‘Ok, well, he’s better than Gabbert and Gabbert got signed.’ For what, $1 million? I think we know that Colin Kaepernick wants significantly more money than that. If we’re going to throw around accusations that he’s being blackballed because of his political beliefs, I believe there should be some evidence. And I haven’t seen it.”

Sorry, Colin. You’re FINISHED.

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