Colin Kaepernick Again Insults Every American, and Gets EPIC Beat Down From Pissed-Off Sheriff Clarke


You’d think that squandering an NFL career would cause a person to learn his lesson. But not Colin Kaepernick.

Repeatedly insulting America cost Kaepernick the ability to get signed by any NFL team, despite his starting in the Super Bowl. So, what does he do? He goes right on insulting America.

In a recent post to social media, Kaepernick proudly wore a blatantly provocative “Black Lives Matter” shirt suggesting that white people are all racists.

So now, in addition to being an unemployed bum, Kaepernick is making himself a joke and object of scorn.

Former Sheriff of Milwaukee County, David Clarke, himself a proud African-American man, was having none of Kaepernick’s snowflake attitude.

Clarke tweeted:

“When I see Kaepernick in the hood mentoring young black males on making better lifestyle choices then I will know his sincerity. Opportunist

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It wasn’t the first time Clarke has taken a swipe at Kaepernick.

Last month, the sheriff expressed his irritation over liberals treating Kaepernick as some sort of hero.

“Kaepernick and courage should NEVER be used in the same sentence. Courage is what the US military and police exhibit”

Amen to that.

H/T American Journal Review

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