Coke’s Sexy, Gay-Friendly New Ad Sparks Social Media Outrage


The gay agenda, despite representing a minuscule fraction of the population, is today being shoved down our throats at every turn.

The latest to jump on the bandwagon is Coca-Cola. The company’s new television ad has been described as both “sexy” and “gay-friendly.”

Featuring absolutely no dialogue, the clip opens on a muscular pool boy being ogled by a teenage girl. A moment later, we see her clearly homosexual brother admiring the pool boy from another window in the house.

The siblings race to be the first to bring cold coke to their mutual pool boy crush, only to be beaten by their own mother, who is already getting cozy with the handsome stranger.

Needless to say, liberal gay rights groups found the ad to be “brilliant,” since apparently even selling soft drinks must now be an exercise in radical politics.

But Coca-Cola is running the same risk as so many in Hollywood. And that risk is alienating a good portion of their market, possibly as much as half, at least in the US.

A good half of Americans are opposed to gay marriage, and despise having the gay agenda imposed on them at every opportunity.

Outrage over Coke's new ad

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