Coffee Shop Refuses to Serve Uniformed Police Officers. So Check What Pissed Off Patrons Do Next


California is going the way of ultra-liberalism, and fast.

But, there remain some in the Golden State that aren’t prepared to stomach the more extreme expressions of this new trend.

This past week, a new employee-owned coffee shop in the Oakland area announced that it would refuse to serve any police officers in uniform.

According to Hasta Muerte Coffee, the decision was made to protect the “physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves.”

Yes, they actually said that.

As a side note, I hope that if Hasta Muerte Coffee is ever robbed, the police do absolutely NOTHING. If their attitude is that the police themselves are a physical threat, then they don’t deserve protection.

But, they’ve got more immediate problems.

After trying to explain the situation in an online social media post, Hasta Muerte Coffee received a flood of negative comments.

“I don’t know what they got against” the police, wrote on local.

“I don’t agree with that, 100 percent. I think we need to work together, not against each other,” responded another.

And, if the backlash is any indication, Hasta Muerte is going to have a tough time establishing a loyal clientele.

You want to sell coffee? Best to leave the politics out of it.

Source: New York Post

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