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Coca-Cola Caught Using Slave Labor? Woke Coke Trashes Whites, Secretly Uses Slaves to Source Ingredients: Watchdog


“Today, we are launching and the accompanying ads as a satirical reminder to Coke to focus on their consumers, not woke politicians,” said Will Hild, the executive director of Consumers’ Research, in a statement to Fox Business.

“The company has taken its eye off the well-being of the customer,” he said.

“Their products continue to contribute significantly to childhood obesity, they have sourced sugar from companies in China reportedly using forced labor, and they have such poor quality control that racist directives, like’ ‘be less white’ are included in staff trainings.”

“Be less white” refers to an online seminar available via LinkedIn, one which Coca-Cola promoted. One of the slides implored people to “try to be less white.” Coca-Cola said the slides involved “are not part of the company’s learning curriculum.” And yet, they’re accusing conservatives of being the racist ones.

This wasn’t Coke’s only attempt to seem more woke than it really was, particularly with its opposition to the election integrity bill in its home state of Georgia.

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