CNN’s Brian Stelter Says There’s A ‘Fear’ About Elon Musk Becoming Twitter’s Biggest Shareholder


The Tesla co-founder and CEO shocked the nation on Monday with an SEC filing that showed he had purchased 9.2% stake in Twitter, Inc., controlling nearly 73.5 million shares as individual stocks were priced at $49.81 on Monday morning.

Musk had been outspoken about Twitter “failing to adhere to free speech principles” which he insisted “fundamentally undermines democracy.” He also asked his 80.3 million Twitter followers if a new social media platform was “needed.”

On Monday’s “Reliable Sources Daily,” Stelter addressed the billionaire’s “surprise” move in a panel discussion with CNN Business writer Clare Duffy asking “whether he’ll continue to buy shares, become a bigger investor, and take action here.”

“Elon has criticized Twitter for not allowing free enough speech. And so I think the big question will be whether he’ll try to, you know, get Twitter to change its content moderation policies. He also suggested that maybe Twitter should make its algorithm open source so that people know how it works. So I think those are some of the changes we could potentially see, but, you know, Elon always also talks a big game,” Duffy said. “He knew what he was doing when he was sending out those tweets. And so, you know, it does suggest that he’s gonna try to shake things up at Twitter.”

After CNN Business writer Sara O’Brien suggested “everyone wants to… (Read more)

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