CNN’s Anderson Cooper Does the UNTHINKABLE While Talking Trump


President-elect Trump has the mainstream liberal media in his sights. And his first target has been CNN.

In his first official press conference as president-elect, Trump called CNN “fake news” and nearly ejected the network’s correspondent.

So one would expect CNN’s top journalist, Anderson Cooper, to be quite hostile when reporting on Trump.

But in a Friday broadcast dealing with Congressman John Lewis’ opposition to Trump as an “illegitimate” president, Anderson was anything but hostile.

Lewis insists that because Russian hacking was involved in the election, Trump’s victory should be invalidated. He is refusing to work with the president-elect as a result.

“I get he doesn’t like Donald Trump. I get he doesn’t accept the results of the election, but is this helpful in any way?” Cooper wondered.

And then, the kicker:

“If a Republican had said this about President-elect Hillary Clinton, Democrats would be up in arms.”

We’ve come to expect a lot of things from Anderson Cooper and CNN, but taking reasonable positions isn’t among them. So, kudos where it’s deserved.

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H/T Allen B. West

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