CNN: VP Kamala Trying to Wash Hands of Border Crisis, Claims I’ts Not Her Job


Vice President Kamala Harris wants you to know that she isn’t really in charge of the border, because if she was, she would have to be held accountable for it.

CNN was forced to report this week that Harris’ team is working hard to distance the vice president from the ongoing border crisis, primarily due to the fact that she is receiving a heck of a lot of bad press for not doing anything to help the situation.

President Joe Biden washed his hands of the border crisis and placed Harris in charge back in March, at which time he blamed former President Donald Trump for not continuing Obama-era payments to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras in a pay-to-stay scheme that previously saw the U.S. hand out hundreds of millions of dollars to get central Americans to stay in their home countries.

Conservative commentator Tom Elliott shared a clip on Twitter in which CNN White House reporter Natasha Bertrand explained that Harris’ team was dedicated to ensuring everyone knows that the vice president does not actually have any power or responsibility regarding the border crisis.

“So [it is a] very politically fraught situation for the vice president and this is why now [her team is] emphasizing, and they have emphasized, that she is going to be focused more on diplomatic efforts,” Bertrand said, “on dealing with the leaders of those [Northern Triangle] countries, and trying to really get at the causes of why people are leaving these countries to begin with.”

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