CNN: Voters Are Blaming Biden For High Gas Prices Because Of ‘Misinformation’


CNN accused those blaming the Biden administration for record high gas prices on Wednesday of spreading “misinformation.”

During a “Crude Reality” segment on “CNN Newsroom with Ana Cabrera,” the host repeated White House talking points to deflect blame from the current administration’s policies on energy production.

High gas prices have become a top concern for the majority of Americans who were dealing with rising prices of other goods due to inflation. Yet the CNN host told voters they couldn’t blame President Biden.

“Gas prices have hit a record-high again today, $4.25 a gallon, according to AAA, and that’s up a staggering 60 cents in just one week. And while there is a lot of understandable anger and frustration over the pain at the pump, there’s also a lot of misinformation going around about who or what is responsible,” Cabrera previewed before adding that “no one person or entity is in control of the price of gas.”

She proceeded to “fact-check” other claims, such as that oil production was down.

“That’s not true. The reality is the U. S. oil production is actually up from 2020,” the CNN host claimed, even though most of the country was shut down temporarily in 2020.

Cabrera compared oil production during Trump’s first year in office, the lowest they were during his four years, to future projections of oil production during the next two years under Biden, based on the first three months of 2022 alone. She even suggested we would hit “a new record” in domestic oil production under Biden, a dubious claim considering several administration officials have signaled their commitment to the renewable energy over domestic oil production.

“And as you can see here, in Trump’s first year of office, the U. S. was producing 9.3 million barrels of oil per day. Well, now the U.S. is forecast to produce 12 million barrels per day and the experts say that production is on track to h… (Read more)

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