CNN Tries to Discredit Trump. But Woman Who Lives on Border SHUTS THEM DOWN


These mainstream media guys really don’t know how to do their homework.

At least it makes for entertaining, if to infuriating, television.

Some time ago, CNN visited the Texas-Mexico border in an effort to smear President Trump’s border wall plans.

While there, they spoke to a kindly elderly lady named Pamela Taylor, who at the time stated that Trump’s wall was a bad idea that wouldn’t change anything.

This despite the fact that Taylor admitted she could see illegals crossing the border almost every day.

Well, CNN’s Don Lemon invited Taylor for a follow-up interview, assuming she’d take a similar position.

Big mistake.

Instead, Lemon was left looking the fool.

Taylor told a SHOCKED Don Lemon:

“I believe President Trump is making a difference already! Basically, it was a constant flow of people coming over. Not ones and twos, but by twenties and thirties. Now, we actually get a good night’s sleep every once in a while.”

BOOM! Take that CNN!

H/T Donald Trump News

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