CNN Refuses to Show Picture of the Girl that Severely Beaten 92-Yr-Old Hispanic Man… So We Did


92-year-old man who was severely beaten by a woman in his neighborhood with a brick.

Although they included the image of the woman who beat the 92-yr-old in their video report, they never mentioned that the woman they were looking for is a black woman in the article that appeared on their website

KTLA reports- Rodolfo Rodriguez had just finished dinner on Fourth of July and was on his daily walk around the block near his Willowbrook home when he was assaulted, his family said. He was confronted by a woman with a child by her side after allegedly bumping into the young girl, Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials confirmed. He was left severely bloodied and unable to walk with bruised ribs, a broken cheek bone, a battered face and head injuries, his family said.

“There’s no words to explain it,” said Rodriguez’s his grandson Erik Mendoza, who hasn’t left his grandpa’s bedside.

According to Mendoza, the woman in the video pushes him to the floor before grabbing a brick and beating him with it.

“And then when one of the witnesses comes out of her car and starts screaming at her, four other guys come in and start kicking on him,” Mendoza told KTLA.

Hmmm….by ommitting the image of the attacker, was the media attempting to make their readers assume the attacker was a White Trump supporter?

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