CNN Rattled After Trump Mocks Network’s Dismal Ratings Drop


CNN personalities are getting defensive after former President Trump mocked the liberal network’s dramatic ratings free fall.

Trump issued a statement on Tuesday taking aim at some of his media adversaries, singling out TV hosts like CNN anchor Jake Tapper, and pointing out how CNN’s ratings “are down 70%,” calling it a “wonderful thing to see!”

Tapper, who is widely regarded as CNN’s most professional journalist, retaliated with a swipe against the former president.

“If I had incited and inspired a deadly insurrection and attempt to undo American democracy I might not be out there bragging about how many viewers it had. On any channel.  But maybe that’s just me, I’m a different breed of cat,” Tapper wrote.

Matt Dornic, CNN’s head of strategic communications, went even further, appearing to celebrate President Biden’s administration.

“Imagine that. People are vaccinated, no longer terrified, and out enjoying their lives. If the trade-off is that every news net’s ratings are down, I’ll take it,” Dornic tweeted.

CNN anchor Don Lemon expressed a similar sentiment back in April when he was asked during an interview if he was “worried about the viewership fizzle.”

“No. I’m not worried about it,” Lemon responded. “The reason I’m not worried about it is because it beats the alternative. The alternative of him being in there and us having to figure out how we deal with lies, and bigotry, and hate, and the toxicity that was the Trump administration. Which has nothing for me to do with my ideology or politics because peo… (Read more)

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