CNN Pummeled For Turning To Joe Rogan ‘Researcher’ To Explain Why He’s So Popular: ‘Painfully On-Brand’


CNN is apparently so baffled by the popularity of Joe Rogan that it sought out an “expert” to help explain why the podcast giant has such a huge following.

In a video report released by CNN Business on Wednesday, a reporter began by accusing Rogan of using his platform on Spotify “to make false and inaccurate statements about COVID-19 and vaccines,” adding that he “has also used raced and offensive language.”

“Even with these controversies, Rogan remains wildly popular. So the question is- why?” the unnamed CNN Business reporter asked.

The report then introduced Gabriel Wisnewski-Parks, a research fellow at UNC Greensboro who CNN Business says has “studied Rogan’s appeal.”

Wisnewski-Parks, who claims to have watched “hundreds of hours” of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” told CNN Business, “What makes him so magnetic to his audience is his very vocal resistance to tribalism,” citing Rogan’s wide-ranging guests from conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and Info Wars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on the right and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and progressive icon Cornel West on the left, saying “this really resonates with people.”

“One other connection we can make that I don’t think should be overestimated is Joe Rogan’s background as a stand-up comedian, this archetype of the comedian as the truth-teller,” Wisnewski-Parks said.

The so-called Rogan “researcher” suspected his apologies for the various uproars has made him “even more “credible to his fans, saying that the “learning” the podcast host admits he needs is “relatable.”

“Joe Rogan’s podcast absolutely has the potential to be dangerous, especially when we’re talking about… communication over a public health issue,” Wisnewski-Parks said. “But it can be just as dangerous if we’re going to start censoring because we need to figure out how to keep open those lines of communication in a way that is both critical and willing to question Joe Rogan’s authority but at the same time recognizes that his appeal and his popularity are already entrenched in his audience. And that’s not going anywhere.”

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