CNN, Other Fake News Outlets REFUSE to Cover Susan Rice Scandal


The fake news industry is blatantly trying to cover up the Susan Rice scandal to protect their beloved Barack Obama and further smear President Trump.

But the story is out there, thanks to readers like you who have been diligent to share it far and wide on social media.

So, in the end, all CNN and its ilk are accomplishing is to PROVE TRUMP RIGHT in his assertion that they are “fake news.”

Fox’s Bill O’Reilly took a direct shot at CNN’s Don Lemon for explicitly REFUSING to report the facts of the Susan Rice Scandal:

“While some outlets have downplayed the explosive allegations against former Obama aide Susan Rice, CNN’s Don Lemon went all the way and declared his show a Rice-Free Zone.”

Daily Wire outed a few more fake news outlets that declined to report on one of the biggest scandals of the past few months:

As Newsbusters reports, CBS’ Margaret Brennan cited sources stating that Rice’s activity was perfectly normal and not improper. The New York Times echoed that claim. ABC News and NBC News didn’t cover the story at all.

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