CNN Host Gasps When Border Patrol Agent Reveals Truth About Immigrant Children


CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin let out an audible gasp on the air on Tuesday after a Border Patrol agent revealed the reality of the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border in excruciating detail.

Baldwin first pressed National Border Patrol Council spokesman Chris Cabrera on why there were “delays” for immigrants seeking asylum in the United States.

“Therein lies the problem. We’ve had this situation going on for four years now. I don’t think you can necessarily blame it on one administration or another,” Cabrera said. “It started under one and is continuing under another. It hasn’t been fixed and it needs to be fixed.”

Cabrera said the current U.S. policy of “we’ll leave the light on for you and let you come illegally into the country” is not sustainable.

“If you’ve seen some of the stuff we’ve seen, you’d understand how important it is to have a tough stance to divert people from coming here,” he added.

Cabrera then revealed the horrifying truth about what he has personally witnessed at the border.

“When you see a 12-year-old girl with a Plan B pill, her parents put her on birth control because they know getting violated is part of the journey, that’s a terrible way to live,” the border patrol agent said, causing Baldwin to let out a gasp.

“When you see a 4-year-old girl traveling alone with just her parent’s phone number written across her shirt,” he continued. “We had a 9-year-old boy have a heat stroke in front of us and die with no family around. That’s because we’re allowing people to take advantage of this system.”

Asked about the “outrage” over immigrant children being separated from their parents, Cabrera said agents are doing their job and treating the kids humanely.

“Most of our agents are parents. I’ve seen guys and I’ve done it myself, you give your last bottle of water to a kid, you’ll take a toy out of your car to give to one of these kids because you know the situation they’re in.” Cabrera said. “Agents are very sympathetic. We’re human; we’re fathers, we have families.”

It’s now on Congress to fix the mess that they have let fester for years now, Cabrera argued.

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