CNN Gets Brutally Embarrassed After Inviting ‘Regretful’ Trump Voters To Panel Discussion


CNN’s at it again. Peddling fake news and angles as though it was genuine journalism.

Given how easy it’s become to debunk CNN’s nonsense, the situation is no longer even outrageous. It’s just sad.

The network’s latest stunt was to invite a panel of five average Americans who voted for Trump and who are now possibly regretting that decision.

As The Daily Caller reported:

The panel of five had two voters who did not regret their vote, but three who raised their hand when asked about possible regrets.

That’s objective, right? They invited a couple folks who still support Trump. All’s well and good.

There’s just one MASSIVE problem.

CNN clearly tried to portray a reality in which a majority (3 out of 5) Trump voters now regret putting him in office.

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But that’s not the reality in which we actually live.

According to the Voter Study Group, a mere 6 percent of Trump voters now regret their vote. A totally average number following a presidential election.

Incidentally, that’s the very same percentage of Hillary Clinton voters that now regret voting for her. Wonder why they weren’t invited to the CNN panel?

The REALITY that CNN refuses to accept is that most Americans stand by their choice of Trump to lead this great nation.

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