CNN Fact-Checker Ignores Biden’s False Claims From Georgia Voting Speech, Continuing Trend


CNN’s Daniel Dale didn’t fact-check false statements President Biden made last week in Georgia as he aggressively pushed Democratic voting bills, continuing a trend from the outlet’s chief arbiter of truth.

Other outlets such as the Washington Post, PolitiFact, and The Dispatch noted Biden made several misleading or false statements in his speech in fact-check articles; the Post and PolitiFact specifically labeled his claim to have once been “arrested” during a civil rights protest as false, and PolitiFact and The Dispatch also said Biden’s claim that former President Trump voted by mail in 2020 was too broad, since Trump voted in-person in the general election that year after voting by mail in the primary.

But Dale, who rose to prominence for fact-checking Trump, has had little to say on Biden lately except to tweet out his public daily schedule. He didn’t post an article last week about Biden’s fiery voting speech, where the president lambasted opponents of proposed Democratic voting overhauls as akin to segregationists.

Dale, whom CNN hired away from the Toronto Star in 2019 because of his Trump fact-checking, hasn’t authored a fact-check of Biden since Dec. 5. According to Dale’s online profile, he hit Biden that day for telling an “inaccurate” story about a 1973 meeting with then-Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir.

“CNN hired this guy from a Toronto newspaper because they loved his anti-Trump energy,” said Tim Graham of the conservative Media Research Center. “That’s his brand, that’s what excited them. He can’t shift that energy to Biden. It feels like switching teams.”

Since that time, Dale has posted fact-checks on Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate David Perdue, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, the conservative Club for Growth Action PAC, right-wing figures discussing an out-of-context ABC News clip of CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Republican Ohio Senate candidate J. D. Vance, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.

Dale’s Twitter bio states his job is “fact-checking the president and others.”

His most recent piece: dinging Republicans attempting to make a point about voter ID laws who said citizens of Washington, D. C., needed ID or proof of vaccination to leave their homes or buy milk. Dale conceded “the policy requires people age 18 or older to show photo ID and proo… (Read more)

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