CNN Commentator Compares Trump to a Slave Trader, but Black Pastors Demolish Her


Angela Rye, CNN, commentator said: “…the same bigots who are sending people back away from their children are the ones that brought my ancestors here on a slave ship…”


That was just a day before a Rasmussen poll came out revealing that President Trump’s approval rating among black voters has just about doubled since last year.

It was also the same day that a group of African-American pastors and faith leaders met with the president to discuss a host of urban issues. During the roundtable discussion, leader after leader thanked Trump for what he’s doing for the black community in America.

“I’m so blessed and honored to be here and to be able to pray right here in the White House,” said Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece Dr. Alveda King, according to a White House transcript, not displaying any horror about being in the presence of someone considered to be tantamount to a slave trader.

Watch the whole meeting with pastors:

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