CNN Caught Hiding Massive Dem Scandal, This Is Sickening


CNN is perhaps the most famous network for covering up the tracks of criminal Democrats. A recent piece came out showing an alarming trend within CNN — this is serious.

It’s no mystery that a high volume of sex crimes have been exposed in the past couple months, starting with Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein. CNN was put into a position where they had to cover some of the Democrat sex crimes stories, such as the one involving Sen. Al Franken. However, The Daily Wire revealed that CNN has covered up 24 sex scandals over the past couple of months. 

The scope of these crimes vary, but they are all disturbing and surely newsworthy. It’s unclear why would the network try to hide any of the allegations.

Within the past week, Bill Clinton was accused by four more women of sexual assault. The new accusations come from the time after Former President Clinton left the White House back in 2001.

Last Monday, Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) said that a former congressman sexually assaulted her while they both served in the House. She stated that Rep. Bob Filner (D-CA) tried to pin her in an elevator and kiss her against her will.

DeGette told her story on MSNBC‘s “Meet the Press Daily.” CNN has still failed to address the allegations — presumably, so they don’t further damage the broken Democrats. The network knows that their blind allegiance to the Democrat Party is what keeps them afloat. It’s only logical to assume that the networks are willing to repay the favor by shielding certain Democrats from exposure.

Similarly, 10 women have come forward to say that Steve Lebsock, a Democrat lawmaker from Colorado, sexually assaulted them. The allegations are that much more serious considering who is lobbying them.

In fact, one of the women is Colorado State Representative Faith Winter (D), who said her traumatic interaction occurred in 2016. She said that Lebsock started acting aggressively and made sexual advances toward her at a bar once he discovered that Winter’s husband was out of town.

There is also Minnesota State Rep. Dan Schoen (D), who resigned after being accused of sexual harassment. Two women said that they had been sexually harassed by the lawmaker.

One of the women, Lindsey Port, explained that Schoen grabbed her at an event and told her that she has a “good door-knocking a**.” Still, the stories remain uncovered by CNN and the other mainstream media outlets. Instead, tuning in to their network shows them still trying to peddle their claims of a Russia-Trump collusion.

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Perhaps CNN‘s continued biased coverage and cover-ups explain why they experienced the largest ratings decline among cable news networks, most recently experiencing a 52 percent decline in total viewers.

The allegations above are just a handful of stories chosen from the 24 total claims. If the network cared as much about women as they claimed to, one might think that they would do something — anything — to get perpetrators of sex crimes sent to jail. CNN does not seem to be taking this seriously at all — yet they wonder why few take them seriously as a “news network.”

Is CNN partaking in a cover-up?

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