Clinton’s Sexual Abuse Accusers Stormed Al Franken’s Office To Call For His Resignation!



Things are NOT looking good for Al Franken.

I mentioned this morning that a fifth accuser has spoken out. This time it’s an army vet.

Well… the women who are accusing Franken of mistreatment are teaming up with those victimized by Bill Clinton to say NO MORE!

Melanie Morgan, the woman who claims she was stalked and harassed by creeper Al Franken joined forces with Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick and Leslie Millwee, and it was epic…

According to this:

In the wake of photographic proof that Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., has brazenly harassed women for decades, one of Franken’s targets joined former President Bill Clinton’s accusers Wednesday to demand justice.

Melanie Morgan, a Los Angeles radio news anchor, has alleged that she was harassed with phone calls by Franken in 2000, following a contentious debate on Bill Maher’s ABC late-night show “Politically Incorrect.”

WND’s cameras were there when Morgan stormed into Franken’s Capitol Hill office Wednesday demanding he resign.

She was joined by Bill Clinton’s alleged targets – Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick and Leslie Millwee, who claims she was stalked and assaulted three times by Clinton while she was a TV reporter in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The women were accompanied by the founders of the new media publication Media Equalizer.

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You can watch the videos here. Melanie Morgan is a BOSS.

Some little puppet comes out to mumble that Franken wasn’t available.

Ms. Morgan then explained that she had never even received an apology from Franken for the harassment he put her through… but she would gladly take his resignation instead!

Franken’s secretary demanded WND stop recording when the protesters arrived, and insisted Franken was unavailable, but the women steadfastly aired their grievances and demanded the resignations of both Franken and Democrat Rep. John Conyers, who is accused of sexual harassment while in office.

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“The senator says he can’t speak to us right now, or he’s not available. But we are waiting to see if there is a communications team that will respond to our outrage.

“Does he remember me? I’m the one that was harassed by him 17 years ago on ‘Politically Incorrect’ with Bill Maher. He has never even referred to me let alone apologized to me, let alone any of these other women.”

Seemingly aggravated by Franken’s claims of not recalling his harassment instances, Morgan explained that she and the women who allege they were assaulted by Bill Clinton were there to “refresh his memory.”

“He says he has a funny recall of what happened – if somebody was offended, he was sorry. I think he was sorry he was caught. I’m sorry he doesn’t seem to remember some very vital details of his own personal history,” she said. “But we are going to refresh his memory and with us are some other women that have had some very unpleasant experience with some very powerful political men and I think it’s time for [Franken] to think about things.”

“It’s time,” Broadderick interjected.

“Absolutely,” Willey concurred.


I am completely in awe of these women right now.

Franken’s communications director eventually came out to try and get rid of the situation.. but the message is LOUD AND CLEAR.

Seriously. You NEED to watch the videos.

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