Clinton’s Popular Vote Win is a MYTH. This PROVES She’s NOT America’s Choice


Democrats are doing all they can to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. They insist Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, so should be president.

But did she really win the popular vote? Does she really represent the American public’s choice?

A thorough explanation by Investor’s Business Daily demonstrates that Clinton most certainly should not be the next president of the United States.

Not by any measure.

Yes, Clinton overall garnered more popular votes. Nearly 3 million more than Trump, in fact.

But her entire lead in the popular vote came from one single state – California.

One-Party State

California today is nearly a one-party state. Numerous state and federal senate elections there have only Democrats on the ticket.

So overwhelming is the Democratic voter turnout that many Republicans in California didn’t even bother to vote. They knew all 55 of the state’s electors were going to Clinton, anyway.

Why the Electoral College Exists

But take away California, and all of a sudden Trump wins by 1.4 million votes.

That’s right, without California, Clinton would not even have won the popular vote. The rest of the country did NOT choose Hillary.

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What’s more, in the states where Trump did win, he won by a big margin. In the states where Clinton won, other than California, she won by a much smaller margin. If California voted like other Democratic states, the popular vote would have been closer to a tie.

So, California is a major outlier when it comes to a national election.

And the Electoral College exists precisely to prevent major outliers like California from deciding who will be president.

A single state should not and can not completely swing the outcome of such an important election.

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