Civil War About to Erupt as Muslim ‘Sharia Police’ Take Over These Cities


Unrestricted Muslim immigration can only have one long-term outcome, and it’s not peaceful integration.

Germany is learning that the hard way as “Sharia Police” are now enforcing Islamic law on the streets of several major cities, including in the capital, Berlin.

The Gatestone Institute, translating German media reports, had the worrying details:

A hundred Islamists are now openly enforcing Sharia law on the streets of Berlin, according to local police who are investigating a recent string of violent assaults in the German capital.

The vigilantes are using threats of violence to discourage Muslim migrants from integrating into German society; they are also promoting the establishment of a parallel Islamic legal system in Germany. German authorities appear unable to stop them.

The problem really started to make headlines when a young women who immigrated from Muslim Chechnya was hunted by fellow Muslims after nude photos of her were posted to a local network.

The woman’s family tried to send her back to Chechnya to be executed in order to restore family honor, but German police intervened and placed her in protective custody.

The Muslim community erupted, demanding that the application of Sharia Law must not be interrupted.

The report continues:

On July 4, the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel reported that several other women and men have been assaulted by the Sharia gang in recent weeks, and that the Berlin Criminal Police Office has now launched an investigation. A police spokesperson said that the investigation is being hampered by the fact that so far no victim has publicly dared to bring formal accusations against the gang. The victims are all, apparently, afraid of retribution.

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Other German cities are experiencing similar problems.

In the town of Wuppertal, uniformed Sharia enforcers openly patrol the streets.

From Gateway Pundit:

Düsseldorf state court said on Tuesday that eight of the nine accused men can face trial on the grounds of “violating laws against wearing uniforms with political messages.”

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The decision overturned a ruling by Wuppertal district court last December, in which the judge said the behavior of accused Islamist preacher Sven Lau did not amount to a “criminal violation of the ban on uniforms.” The decision sparked controversy in Germany and led to an appeal by prosecutors. The latest ruling by the Court of Appeal cannot be overturned.

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